Coco Blocks are made of compressed Coco peat & Coir fiber material. These Blocks are made out of different mixtures to suit the buyers growing requirements.

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Coco peat is the remainder of coconut husk when the fiber is extracted. It consists of spongy cellulose particles which is having a high-water holding capacity. It is a favourable organic plant growing media used in nurseries, horticulture, landscaping and soil conditioning in constructing golf courses. Since coco peat has a stable pH of 6-7 it buffers the soil acidity which is harmful for plants in absorbing the nutrients. On the other hand, it promotes the soil aeration in clay soil. Coco peat can be compressed in different forms after drying.

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Coco peat Blocks

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This is our original substrate, made from Cocopeat raw materials directly collected from fiber mill. These raw materials are sieved to remove the fine particles and to improve air porosity around the roots for better growth.

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